This is the Black Shuck diary page , whats on , when , parties , rally info , ride outs . It will be updated regularly .

Saturday  12 March 2016 

Easter Egg Party 
Party at the Golden Hind , bring an Easter Egg , they will be given to a local childrens home at Easter.

There will a small door price to cover costs..

Music , drinking and good craic .



016 - 7th August 2016


The Black Shuck Rally


Hadleigh Rugby Club Layham Road, IP7 5NE Hadleigh

 Tickets £20 per person. First 50 pre-book receive a goody bag!!


Friday night Manic Blackout - Renegade 12 - Rox Off
Saturday night Lychen - Roquerfort


For tickets and further info contact Sarah 07954996492




Ride Outs and details to follow.