About Black Shuck

Black Shuck was formed in 1098 by a rogue division of the Knights Templar. Bored with saving relics and upholding the word of god they decided to break away and form a new club, one that would hold and attend parties with a view to getting stoned, having fun and riding motorbikes. However they soon realised that motorbikes hadn't been invented yet and so Black Shuck HC (Horse Club) was born.


About 900 years later one of the more intelligent members remarked that he was fed up with shovelling up the shit his horse kept leaving and that he was going to get a motorcycle. And so Black Shuck MCC was formed.

Want to Know More ?

These days the Black Shuck meets every Sunday lunchtime at The Golden Hind in Ipswich at 1pm. So if you would like to know more about us or meet our members, please feel free to pop in.


The Golden Hind is located on Nacton Road in Ipswich, and if your still not sure how to find us please see the map below:

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Alternatively, if you would like to contact the Black Shuck or a member of our committee, please CLICK HERE.